[ANN] Python 2.5.6 Release Candidate 1

Brendan Simon (eTRIX) brendan.simon at etrix.com.au
Tue Apr 19 01:33:22 CEST 2011

On 19/04/2011 9:05 AM, python-list-request at python.org wrote:
> Am 18.04.2011 09:59, schrieb Werner F. Bruhin:
>> >  On 04/17/2011 11:57 PM, "Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
>>> >>        http://www.python.org/2.5.6
If there is an official release of source (e.g. 2.5.5 and 2.5.6) why 
aren't binaries produced (other than to make it really hard for users 
and force them to upgrade to a later major revision -- 2.6, 2.7, etc) ??

It's ok for Linux distros as they tend to build from sources, and test, 
and produce their own binary packages.  But for OS X and MSW users it's 
not quite like that.  I'd like to upgrade to 2.5.6 (for one particular 
mature application), but unfortunately I'm stuck with 2.5.4 as I don't 
really want to have to build (and hopefully get it right) on my OS X box.

Cheers, Brendan.

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