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We have been teaching game programming using python in my school district for a 
few years now. We started out using python programming for the absolute 
beginner. It was good, but didn't use pygame and was mostly text based until the 

last 2 chapters. Another book for reference is Game Programming: The L Line, The 

Express Line to Learning. We also wanted to use OOP and at the time that was not 

in either, or we didn't like the format. We now use our own material we put 
together from numerous texts, and from some members of the local python meetup 
group who have donated their time and expertise. It's been great!
Good luck to you!


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I am planning to teach Python to a group of high school students, who have 
in-depth interest in programming, hacking etc.

I am looking for some good material, what I could use as a basic guide when 
preparing the classes plan for the course - website or book, what would roll out 
the topic methodologically gradually. The target audience is someone who knows 
most basics of the programming, but doesn't mind being reminded about them now 
and then.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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