No more Python support in NetBeans 7.0

Markus mm.mpathy at
Wed Apr 20 12:08:49 CEST 2011

I read it too.
I always preferred Netbeans + their Python plugin over Eclipse and

Perhaps I have another look for working with Aptana + PyDev for my web
development stuff, but I am afraid this enviroment (and the base,
Eclipse as it's main reason) is as user unfriendly as it always was.
But long years there was no other choice than Eclipse - Netbeans wasnt
the IDE it is now - and so the people started to build plugins for
Eclipse even being aware of its shortcomings.

I think I check out Activestates Komodo IDE.
I recognized that I use their free Komodo Edit more often lately and
liked the Editor already, perhaps the IDE will be a good choice.

I've seen right now, they put on the topic:

Infoworld awarded it as best Python IDE, testing: Boa Constructor,
Eric, ActiveState's Komodo, Oracle's NetBeans, Aptana's Pydev,
PyScripter, SPE, Spyder, and WingWare's Wing IDE.

And if all fails, remember, there is always vim to fallback :)

On Mar 24, 4:32 pm, Kees Bakker <s... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sad news (for me, at least), in the upcoming version 7.0 of NetBeans
> there will be no Python plugin anymore.
> I have been using NetBeans for Python development for a while now
> and I was very happy with it.
> See this archive for details:
> --
> Kees

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