No more Python support in NetBeans 7.0

alister ware alister.ware at
Wed Apr 20 10:24:25 EDT 2011

On Wed, 20 Apr 2011 03:24:00 -0700, Paul Rubin wrote:

> Markus <mm.mpathy at> writes:
>> Infoworld awarded it as best Python IDE, testing: Boa Constructor,
>> Eric, ActiveState's Komodo, Oracle's NetBeans, Aptana's Pydev,
>> PyScripter, SPE, Spyder, and WingWare's Wing IDE.
> I saw somebody using Geany recently and it looked pretty impressive. For
> Python gui debuggers, is great.

I use Geany all the time & it is a good little editor.
nice & lightweight for my linux netbook, but still with the features i 
need. I am sure a full IDE offers more but i never did get around to 
finding out what.

You fill a much-needed gap.

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