is there a difference between one line and many lines

Heiko Wundram modelnine at
Thu Apr 21 05:59:36 EDT 2011

Am 21.04.2011 11:55, schrieb vino19:
> I am asking about what happens in Python interpreter? Why is there a difference between running one line like "a=1;b=1" and two lines like "a=1 \n b=1"? Does it decide to locate memory in different types depend on a code?

There is no difference between the two.

You've not given the initializers for a/b in the two statement groups
you showed, so that what Chris Angelico said is probably what's
happening here (i.e.: in the first case, you stay in the singleton
range, in the second case which builds on the first, you don't).

--- Heiko.

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