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On Apr 20, 2:43 pm, Andreas Tawn <andreas.t... at> wrote:
> > Algis Kabaila <akaba... at> writes:
> > > Are there any modules for vector algebra (three dimensional
> > > vectors, vector addition, subtraction, multiplication [scalar
> > > and vector]. Could you give me a reference to such module?
> > NumPy has array (and matrix) types with support for these basic
> > operations you mention. See the tutorial at
> You might also want to consider
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> Drea

Stealing this from Casey Duncan's recent post to the Grease users

- (ab)use complex numbers for 2D vectors (only). Very fast arithmetic
and built-in to Python. Downside is lack of abstraction.

- Use pyeuclid (pure python) if ultimate speed isn't an issue, or if
compiled extensions are. It supports 3D and has a nice api

- vectypes is a more recent project from the same author as pyeuclid.
It offers a more consistent 'GLSL' like interface, including
swizzling, and internally seems to have more maintainable code because
it generates various sizes of vector and matrix from a single
template. This is done without performance penalty because the
generation is done at design time, not runtime.

- Use pyeigen if you want fast vectors, and don't mind compiling some
C/C++. I don't know how the Python api looks though

- Use numpy if you want fast batch operations

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