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That's my Notebook/PC configuration and I'm user of Gentoo and Slackware.
* vi (not vim) for C/C++
* Eclipse for Java
* Wing IDE Professional (Python Editor);
* Django: Best framework for while in my opinion;
* tkinter, GTK and Qt;
* MySQL, PostgreSQL ;
* Rational Rose Modeler (very expensive)(UML: Because it is very important
for projecting app);
* Learn one CVS model and one SCM too. Enterprises use one of them;
* And you must STUDY, READ AND READ, READ every official docs about these

About your project's  tree, I can not help you because you wil get this with
time and CVS and SCM help you to learn about trees.

Now, about tree in the beginning, when I started in 1993, I used to do like
this way.

Primary folder called: pythoncourse
Sub folders calld: for, if, while, do_while, array, list, hash, functions,
pydb, publish, comments, iterative, recursion and etc.
My archives I called:
In sub-folder FOR:,,, for

My English use to be better than this but I'm starving here writing for you
and thinking and so much stakes. Bye bye. :D

Good studies and ideas.

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