Development tools and practices for Pythonistas

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Tue Apr 26 18:00:19 CEST 2011

On Apr 26, 7:39 pm, snorble <snor... at> wrote:

> I am aware of tools like version control systems, bug trackers, and
> things like these, but I'm not really sure if I need them,

You either dont want version control....

> But if I ever made something worth releasing, and got a request
> like, "I have problems with the 2.0 version. Can you send me the old
> 1.1 version?" I'd be like, "uhhh... let me hunt through my files by
> hand and get back to you in a month". I'm thinking I can do a lot
> better than this.

Or you do!

> or how to use them properly.

So the best advice would be: Forget python (for a while) and study one
(modern distributed) version control system:

>From Joel Spolsky's

With distributed version control, the distributed part is actually not
the most interesting part.
The interesting part is that these systems think in terms of changes,
not in terms of versions.

bug-trackers are a bit of overkill for a solo developer. However...

> My current tools:

> Python, gvim, OS file system
Hand in hand with a DVCS, you need to add a testing framework.

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