Development tools and practices for Pythonistas

Algis Kabaila akabaila at
Tue Apr 26 14:50:53 EDT 2011

On Wednesday 27 April 2011 04:31:19 CM wrote:
> > I guess it depends on your project, but that sounds
> > needlessly complex and way too tough with a VCS.  I'd say
> > just don't go there.
> (Whoops, I meant way too tough *without* a VCS, not with)

And read your own emails *before* sending them   :)

Actually, CM has given some very good advice!  As I am probably 
the oldest person on this list, so my penny's worth is that some 
going over old stuff is good - learning is repetitious and  
memory is not going to get better with age, so learn to live 
with it (it being the frailty of memory...)


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