minimal python27.dll?

est electronixtar at
Wed Apr 27 20:37:07 EDT 2011

On Apr 27, 11:15 pm, Tim Golden <m... at> wrote:
> Perhaps have a look at tinypy?
> Even if it's not exactly what you want, I expect that the
> author will have useful ideas / experience.

Thanks, but I still need the completeness of CPython. AFAIK TinyPy is
a python implementation from scratch

On Apr 28, 4:06 am, "Martin v. Loewis" <mar... at> wrote:
> OTOH, you'll also find that the CJK codecs use quite some space,
> if you don't need them, they give a rather impressive reduction.
> Likewise for the Unicode database, although you may actually need
> it in some cases.

On the CJK issue, why python ship its own codec, not using OS builtin?

If I don't need the full Unicode5.1 can I just map python's unicode
functions to some Win32 unicode API?

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