Python 3.2 Tkinter and TTK

David Phillips 23b7d5i at
Thu Apr 28 23:19:53 CEST 2011

> If you want to programm GUI's it is better for you learn Qt or GTK. They are so much better than tkinter.
> I told this with sadness because I like free things, but the reality is not like this. This libs are in all places.
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> Jayme Proni Filho

My experience with tkinter and Python 3.2 is more positive. I wrote a GUI for an editing program (editing like publishers think of it, not programmers) that was fairly complex with three different list boxes, an information pane, a toolbar, and a pane for the text being edited (implemented with a Text widget).  Admittedly it took a little trial and error to perfect the layout of the various frames, but when it was done, I was pleased with the appearance, functionality, and performance.

David Phillips

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