IDLE lost from Windows menu !

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Thu Apr 28 21:21:20 EDT 2011

On Apr 28, 3:11 pm, Uncle Ben <b... at> wrote:
> On Apr 28, 12:28 pm, Uncle Ben <b... at> wrote:
> > I have lost the convenient feature that to edit a .py file I could
> > right-click on the file name and reach the menu item "Edit with IDLE".
> > The workaround is not hard, but it wouild be nice to get this feature
> > back.
> > It happened when I was mungeing around and downloaded Python 2.3.3 in
> > addition to Python 2.7.1, and got into trouble until I discovered
> > that I was involuntarily RUNNING the older version.  So I cleaned it
> > out, but still I have this aftermath.
> > Is there a Windows guru out there who can tell be how to add to the
> > right-click menu clicking on
> > Uncle Ben
> It was suggested to me privately that I search for
> right_click on "shell",
> create a new key called "EDIT with IDLE"
> and another called "command python.exe %1"
> Problem:
>   Searching on the HKEY group as above yields no "shell".
> Did I not do it right, or is there another way?
> (I would think that that command would execute my file, not edit it.
> But maybe I will be surprised.)
> (I am running Windows 7, 64-bit.)
> Uncle Ben

Thanks to all for good help.  I finally got what I need by altering
the original advice (A.W.) slightly.

The key to edit was "HKCR/Applications/python.exe/shell",
the item is put into the menu in a sub-key labelled "Edit with IDLE",
and the command sub-sub-key that works for me is "idle.bat %1"

I will keep Andrew Berg's note and use it when I encounter .pyw files.

Python's the ninth language I've had to learn. And I love it.

Uncle Ben

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