How to build an application in Django which will handle Multiple servers accross network

Anurag (anu) Agarwal anurag26 at
Fri Apr 29 08:47:42 CEST 2011

Hi All,

I want to build an application for one of my client which has
following features

1. Client has some driver software which can be installed on Windows
and Linux based systems. This driver software is fetching some
operating system details using kernel level programming.
2. Now a new web based application is required to moniter these
servers remotly. This application will talk to these servers and get
the data (not sure how data will be fetched from driver software) then
show it on UI.
3. The web based application will be used internally in the network to
moniter servers in that network only.
4. Web based application will be a real time application with a
5. Technology I am thingking for web based application is Django and
Python as this web application can also be installed on Windows or
Linux based OS.
6. Also please suggest which third party tool for chatrs and graphs I
should use with Django (open source + paid)

If you guys can help me in desiging a very high level Architecture of
this application.

Thanks for reading so long. Please help me in this. If I am not clear
on something then please write back.

Thanks & Regards,

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