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Fri Apr 29 13:52:34 CEST 2011

Hi All,

How could i increase the unicode range beyond 10000 ?

In python 2.5.4 by default the unicode range is 0x10000, but in some cases
i have unicode char beyond the limit. For those conditions it th an error.

"""File "E:\OpenERP\OpenERP
AllInOne\Server\\reportlab\pdfbase\", line 1197, in
ValueError: unichr() arg not in range(0x10000) (narrow Python build)"""

In Linux we can convert the "Narrow Python Build" to "Wide Python Build"
using the command "--enable-unicode=ucs4 configures a wide Py_UNICODE"

But how could i do this in Windows.

I used OpenERP All in one installer to install python 2.5.

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