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Fri Apr 29 14:25:56 EDT 2011

On 28 avr, 22:16, Kruptein <darragh.... at> wrote:
> On 28 apr, 07:46, jmfauth <wxjmfa... at> wrote:
> > On 27 avr, 19:22, Alec Taylor <alec.tayl... at> wrote:
> > > Thanks, any plans for a Windows version?
> > - Download the deb
> > - Unpack it with a utility like 7zip
> > - Throw away the unnecessary stuff, (keep the "deditor part")
> > - Depending on your libs, adatpt the "import"
> > - Launch
> > - Then ...
> > [5 minutes]
> > In fact, this kind of app can be simply packed in a zip file.
> > jmf
> It isn't that easy as you might have hoped ;)  I'm using wxpython for
> rendering the GUI  somehow some things that work in the linux version
> break in the windows version  so I need to do some small
> modifications  and as I'm a hardcore linux fan I ony use windows for
> gaming it usually takes a little longer for a windows release,  I'm
> releasing a tarball now btw :D

Sure, it is doable. I have done it (I only tweak the
import in such a way, that it does not import modules
not installed in my machine, like not importing paramiko).

Your application is just a normal application which uses
a Python environment, independently from the platform.

wxPython does not play something special. Exemple, the
wxPython demo can be installed in any dir, even on external

PS I have no special interest in deditor, except I like
to see what is done with wxPython.


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