Installing programs that depend on, or are, python extensions.

James A. Donald jamesdnld730 at
Sat Apr 30 01:19:31 EDT 2011

I have noticed that installing python programs tends to be hell,
particularly under windows, and installing python programs that rely
on, or in large part are, python extensions written in C++ tends to be
hell on wheels with large spiky knobs and scythes on the wheels.

Is this because such install are inherently hard to do and hard to
write, or is it because Install tends to be done last, and therefore
not done at all?

Can anyone suggest any examples of such a program with a clean windows
install that shows how it was done?

By windows install, I mean you run setup.exe, and get a program group,
file types registered, and an entry in the add/remove programs list, I
do not mean fourteen pages of direly incomplete notes which do not
actually work for versions later than 1.01, and do not work for
version 1.01 unless one has already installed the complete developer

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