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Mon Aug 1 02:05:04 EDT 2011

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 9:56 PM, Ghodmode <ghodmode at> wrote:
> I've noticed that python-list gets significantly more spam than the
> other lists I subscribe to.  There's an example below.
> I'm wondering how the list is managed.  Can anyone post, or only
> members?

Since we're gatewayed to USENET's comp.lang.python anyway, I'd
strongly suspect the former. So unfortunately, I doubt your idea could
be implemented short of making the list moderated (very unlikely to
happen due to the level of activity) or disabling the gateway (again
unlikely due to historical momentum and USENET dinosaurs). I
understand that there are spam filters in place though, so it might be
worth asking that they be tweaked. (e.g. I doubt there are many legit
posts involving Bollywood.)

> I've picked the email addresses of the list managers out of
> the list info page, but I wonder if you guys have enough time to skim
> the list and boot offending members.  If not, is there someone who is
> active on the list that you could delegate administration privileges
> to?  Maybe someone who has been an active member for a long time?
> I'm willing, but probably not qualified.  I've been lurking on the
> list for a while, but I don't contribute much because I'm not very
> proficient with Python.
> Thank you.
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> Ghodmode
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> From: Ashraf Ali <eaglebalti at>

And off to abuse at I dash. Fsck you Mr. Ali. (Yeah, not their
real name, I know. Still worth reporting such accounts.)


> Date: Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 10:54 AM
> Subject: Hello My Sweet Friends.
> To: python-list at
> Hello Friends.
> How are you all?
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P.S. Please redact the actual spam links next time so that they don't
get further Google juice.

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