Convert '165.0' to int

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Frank Millman wrote:

> I know I am flogging a dead horse here, but IMHO, '165', '165.',
> '165.0', and '165.00' are all valid string representations of the
> integer 165.[1]
> Therefore, for practical purposes, it would not be wrong for python's
> 'int' function to accept these without complaining.

How far would you go with that? Would you also accept
'1.65e2' as a valid representation of the integer 165?


No, YAGNI (You Aren't Going To Need It). Do the minimum that works for your use case. If you only expect ###.# then code for that. Avoid trying to over-engineer your solution. *If* you think you are going to receive information that might be like '1.65e2' then code for it, otherwise spend your time working on other problems.


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