what is the advantage of Django when comparing with LAMP and J2EE platform?

Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Tue Aug 2 17:47:55 EDT 2011

* smith jack <thinke365 at gmail.com> [110802 11:37]:
> There are so many choice to do the same thing, so is there any special
> advantage Django brings to user?

Django is a python framework, J2EE is a java platform (my apologies
if I use 'framework' incorrectly). Our customers want PHP,perl or python,
not java. 

The definition for LAMP given at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP_(software_bundle) - for what it is
worth includes python and defines LAMP as sort of generic (as I read

Thus django *could* be considered a LAMP bundle, perhaps.

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