Community Involvement

Ethan Furman ethan at
Thu Aug 4 13:04:48 EDT 2011

Steve Holden wrote:
> We would ideally like the last project to to be something that 
> demonstrates at least some minimal involvement with the Python 
> community. Something like "get a Python answer upvoted on 
> StackOverflow", for example, or getting a question answered on c.l.p. At 
> the same time it shouldn't be anything that places a burden on the 
> community (otherwise the hundredth student would be abused and the 
> thousandth murdered).

The problem I see with either of those is making the student's academic 
standing dependent on the actions of strangers.  Having said that...

Posting a question to is fine if you have a real question, but if 
you don't...

Of the two, I like the StackOverflow option better -- but keep in mind 
that at this moment, about 6,600 unanswered Python questions remain. 
(I've made it to page 23 of 132 over the last week.)  Getting an answer 
upvoted can be pretty hit-and-miss.

Perhaps the thing to do is have a wide range of options, any one of 
which will satisfy the requirement -- some will have questions to post, 
others may have a bug to file or, even better, a patch for a bug, others 
can go the StackOverflow route, someone may have a module to put on 
PyPI, etc., etc.

Hope this helps!


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