ANN: geany-pyflakes 1.0

Filip Gruszczyński gruszczy at
Sat Aug 6 00:31:15 CEST 2011

> OK - it no longer crashes, but it doesn't appear to do anything.  Is there
> something further I need to do to configure it?  The Pyflakes tab does
> appear in the message window and I've created a new with
> code similar to your example.

OK, so there must be something wrong. Do you have pyflakes installed?
Where are they installed?

> Also, just FYI, the plugin manager now shows the version as 1.0.1 while the
> tar file name indicates 1.0.2.

Yeah, I should make a configure file with version and use it in c
code, to never make that mistake again, but I really, really don't
wanto to touch autotools again.

Filip Gruszczyński

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