Dynamically linking python into my vc project - help required

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 02:55:28 EDT 2011

On 3/08/2011 6:58 PM, mrinalini at edss.co.in wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to embed python into my MFC application. I have done this
> before by statically linking to the python lib. But I want to change
> this now.
> The idea is to take the information from the registry for the installed
> version of python on the target machine. Then load python using
> loadlibrary call and use the functions from python using pointers to
> functions returned by GetProcAddress .

> PyObject* pObject = pFPyEval_EvalCode((PyCodeObject*)pCodeObject,
> m_Dictionary, m_Dictionary);
> }
> I am facing two problems here , though I want to link to python
> dynamically I am required to include python.h for my code to compile the
> following declaration.
> PyObject* pCodeObject

You can probably just define pFPyEval_EvalCode as taking a PyObject * 
(but I'm not sure where you are getting a declaration of PyObject * from)

> I tried copying some of the python definitions including PyObject into a
> header in my mfc app. Then it complies fine. but Py_CompileString call
> fails. so finally I am unable to run script from my MFC application by
> linking to python dynamically.

Are you sure you have the calling convention correct on those function 
pointer decls?

> How can this be done ? Please help. Is there a different approach to
> linking to python dynamically. Please could you write to me ?

py2exe takes the same basic approach as you and might be worth copying 
its declarations for the function pointers?


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