PyPI Situation?

Redmumba redmumba at
Sun Aug 7 13:04:57 EDT 2011

I've been running into a lot of issues with the PyPI architecture, and I'm
aware that there's some work going on behind the scenes, especially with
making PyPI accessible from the a cloud-like architecture.

However, I setup a Python mirror (using the pep381client) for our company,
and the issue is--as always--with external packages, which usually makes the
mirror useless (lxml is famously slow!).  Has there been any work on
improving the repository architecture, i.e., storing metadata, resolving
dependencies prior to download?  And is there anyway to get involved?

Or should I look into creating my own and proposing a PEP?  I don't want to
create "yet another PyPI" if I can avoid it, so I'd prefer to contribute to
an existing one if there's one available...


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