WxPython and TK

gb at como.it gb at como.it
Tue Aug 9 13:12:02 CEST 2011

azrael writes:

> OK, now. Isn't it maybe time to throw out TK once and for all?

no, because Tk has a clear advantage over many other UI tolkits
Tk _was designed_ and it was designed by very competent people [1]

good luck with smurfs' hunting [2], ciao

[1]:  1986-91 ACM's Grace Murray Hopper Awards
      1986 William N. Joy,      BSD Unix, Sun;
      1987 John Ousterhout,     Tcl/TK;
      1988 Guy L. Steele,       Scheme, Java;
      1989 W. Daniel Hillis     Thinking Machines;
      1990 Richard Stallman     Emacs, Gcc, FSF;
      1991 Feng-hsiung Hsu      Deep Blue;

[2]   http://www.smurf.com/smurf.php/www/who/en/azrael

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