Bart Thate bthate at
Tue Aug 9 19:48:26 EDT 2011

Hi world and every living thing on it !

I just want to give a headsup to the fact that i released the first
beta of GOZERBOT 0.9.3. This release brings in a lot of bug fixes, so
please try it out ;]

Download is at, please if you find
problems with the bot file a ticket on
Otherwise email me at bthate at or check channel #dunkbots on, thnx ! feedback is very much appreciated ;]

I also want to say sorry to my korean brothers and sisters, i have no
evil intend with GOZERBOT even if you might read that into my
announcements, i'll give the reason for the name below .. it is taken
from the dutch language. Peace !

GOZERBOT name origin

23:37 < dunker> !tr nl en 1) Bargoense kerel 2) Bink 3) Gast 4) Goser
Joch 6) Jongen 7) Ker 8) Kerel 9) Kerel (bargoens) 10) Knaap 11)
Knakker 12)
Knul 13) Man 14) Persoonsbenaming 15) Vent

23:37 < jsonbot> 1) Bargoens guy 2) Bink 3) Guest 4) Goser 5) Jochberg
Girl 7) Ker 8) Guy 9) Dude (slang) 10) Knaap 11) bloke 12) Lad 13) F
Name Person 15) Vent

1) Bargoens 사람 2) 빙크 3) 게스트 4) Goser 5) Jochberg 6) 소녀 7) 케르 8)
가이 9) 친구 (속 어) 10) Knaap 11) 던 12) 래드 13) F 14) 이름 인 15) 벤트


GOZERBOT is a channel bot that aids with conversation in irc channels
and jabber conference rooms. its mainly used to send notifications
(RSS, nagios, etc.) and to have custom commands made for the channel.
More then just a channel bot GOZERBOT aims to provide a platform for
the user to program his own bot and make it into something thats
usefull. This is done with a plugin structure that makes it easy to
program your own plugins. But GOZERBOT comes with some batteries
included, there are now over 100 plugins already written and ready for

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