allow line break at operators

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Wed Aug 10 14:25:21 CEST 2011

Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Dan Sommers <dan at>
> wrote: 
>> In terms of easier to read, I find code easier to read when the
>> operators are at the beginnings of the lines (PEP 8 notwithstanding):
>>    x = (someobject.somemethod(object3, thing)
>>         + longfunctionname(object2)
>>         + otherfunction(value1, value2, value3))
> Without the parentheses, this is legal but (probably) useless; it
> applies the unary + operator to the return value of those functions.

No, in some other languages it might be legal, but this is Python.
without the parentheses it is a syntax error.

Duncan Booth

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