problem installing psyco on windows (Unable to find vcvarsall.bat)

Gelonida N gelonida at
Thu Aug 11 05:29:54 EDT 2011

On 08/11/2011 06:03 AM, Dan Stromberg wrote:

Hi Dan,

> FWIW, a few months ago I was working on a database application on
> Windows, and I benchmarked the psyco-enhanced version consistently
> running slower than the non-psyco version.  The same code on Linux was
> faster with psyco though.

Good to know.
I wanted to make the test myself though.
There's one / two modules where I would expect an increase in
performance. The rest of the application will rather definitely not
benefit from psyco.

Also one thing, that I wanted to try is  to not use psyco for the
application itself, but just for running py2exe a little faster.

> If you need performance, and you aren't constrained by module
> availability, you probably should use PyPy instead.

Well many module depenencies. :-( and also a lot of old legacy code,
which will probably not survive PyPy (files not being closed explicitely
for example)

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