Directions on accessing shared folder in windows network

Tim Golden mail at
Thu Aug 11 09:40:52 CEST 2011

On 10/08/2011 21:43, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Am 10.08.2011 21:52, schrieb Ameet Nanda:
>> Hi,
>> Can anyone point me to a way to access windows shared folders from the
>> network using a python script. I tried accessing using open, which is
>> mentioned to work perfectly on the web, but it gives me following errors
> The open() function wraps the fopen() function, which doesn't support
> UNC, just local paths. You have to mount the network share first (assign
> a drive letter).

Christian, with respect: what are you talking about?

print open (r"\\localhost\c$\python27\python.exe").read (100)


The OP's problem is that he's trying to call open () on the
share itself, not on a file within it.


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