code object differences between 2.7 and 3.3a

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> Specifically, I am wondering why there is a difference for co_names.

This is not an answer to your question but, as a metapoint, in my 
experience it is usually faster and often more reliable to try to answer 
questions like this yourself using the tools that the Python project 

- clone a copy of the hg repository and update to the branch of interest

- become familiar with the code layout (the developers guide can help 
with this (

- use "hg annotate" to see what lines were changed by what rev sets and 
by whom

- use "hg log -v <filename>" to browse the history entries for the file 

- look up the tracker issues referenced in those history entries and 
follow the discussions there

The Python project has an effective process for code development and one 
that emphasizes good documentation of changes and additions.  For 
instance, as part of the transition earlier this year from Subversion to 
Mercurial, great care was taken to preserve as much of the existing 
source history as possible going far back into the time machine.  It's 
to your advantage to take advantage of these sources of history.

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