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On Friday, August 12, 2011 8:51:33 AM UTC+2, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
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> > Hi I have written a tutorial about how to generate and send emails
> > with python.
> 	Is that really such a difficult task?
> 	Okay, I didn't really use Python for the entire creation of the
> message... But my first real Python program (using 1.4 or 1.5, whatever
> was included in the first "Programming Python" disk, for AmigaOS) was a
> rudimentary outgoing SMTPd which had to parse headers from  message
> files "queued" by an ARexx script from an Amiga version of ELM, then
> handshake with the ISP SMTPd to relay the message onward. It took less
> than a week after buying the book that I had this ARexx/Python hybrid
> working -- and it worked better than either C-language programs I'd
> downloaded (at that period of time, Amiga email programs ONLY read from
> local spool and queued to local spool; separate programs had to be used
> to read POP3 and send SMTP... My first SMTP utility presumed 1) direct
> connection to destination address, 2) created an email file for each
> address -- problem: if a destination did not have a receiving SMTPd [ie,
> one needed to do an MX lookup instead] it would hang trying to send that
> message, and never process others... The second program used ISP relay
> -- but it only parsed the "TO:" header, and thereby failed to handshake
> CC and BCC destinations)
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Nice story bro...

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