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> On 2011-08-11, Ben Finney <ben+python at> wrote:
> > You're welcome to attempt to demonstrate the superiority of some
> > other Python-with-braces, but it will (a) be un-Pythonic, and (b) be
> > unlikely to gain the efforts of people who don't think what you're
> > addressing is a problem.
> I am pretty sure Python is a pretty nice language. However, the
> indentation thing has screwed me a few times. Furthermore, I know
> people who like Python a great deal and acknowledge, without much
> difficulty, that the indentation thing has caused problems or
> incompatibilities for them.

Yes. It's caused problems for me too, so I'm not going to deny that.

This is different from saying “indentation as block structure” is a
problem; that statement is what I disagree with, and what I think most
respondents who disagree with you are objecting to.

> So when I see people deny that it is at all a problem, or that there
> are any possible shortcomings to it, I infer that they have some
> compelling reason to deny the existence of a thing which is reliably
> and easily observed.

I don't see anyone making the denials you're referring to there. If I
did, you would have my support in considering those denials mistaken.

Likewise, “end of line as end of statement” has caused me and many
others problems. I'd go so far as to say that any Python programmer for
whom that's not true has not done any significant Python programming.
That doesn't make “end of line as end of statement” a problem.

If a language feature is beneficial in far greater proportion to the
inconveniences of that feature, I'd say that feature *is not a problem*
for users of that language.

In Python, I maintain that's the case for “end of line as end of
statement”, and for “indentation as block structure”.

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