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> > I'm glad you brought this up! How about this instead:
> >
> >    a = x + y * z
> >
> > ...where the calculation is NOT subject to operator precedence? I
> > always hated using parenthesis in mathematical calculations. All math
> > should resolve in a linear fashion. 3+3*2 should always be 12 and NOT
> > 9!
> Why is left-to-right inherently more logical than
> multiplication-before-addition? Why is it more logical than
> right-to-left? And why is changing people's expectations more logical
> than fulfilling them? Python uses the + and - symbols to mean addition
> and subtraction for good reason. Let's not alienate the mathematical
> mind by violating this rule. It would be far safer to go the other way
> and demand parentheses on everything.

Left-to-right is more logical because that is the choice made by the English
language (which I will note, we are using right now). Also, ignoring
operator precedence, left-to-right is the way math equations evaluate. See 4
/ 2 * 3 - you get 6, not (2/3) and not (3/2).

Now, I would not suggest changing the multiplication before addition rule,
for the very reason you mention: in many cases, the established rule is
expected, but that does not mean it is more logical.

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