allow line break at operators

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Fri Aug 12 20:15:40 EDT 2011

On 8/12/2011 6:14 PM, Seebs wrote:

I am responding to your whole line of posts.

I have been indenting code neatly for at least 32 years whenever the 
language I used allowed it. Just over 14 years ago, when Python was an 
obscure little known or used languge, I adopted it *because* it dropped 
all the redundant bracket noise and looked to me like 'executable 
pseudocode', as I explained (with an unfortunate misspelling) in
Indentation is part of that. Python-with-brackets would, to me, be 
something different -- sure, derived from Python, but not the same.

I do not need for you to adopt and use Python to validate my choice. If 
you like it fine, welcome. If not, have fun with something else. I said 
that over a decade when this same discussion took place, and I say it 
now. Different brains are different. I do not care which of us is in the 
majority in which population.

As I and others also pointed out over a decade ago, anyone is free to 
add insignificant comment braces (but keep that private, please) or, 
more sensibly, commented dedents to help the reader keep track of indent 

    for ...
       if ...
          for ...
             if ...
                [50 more lines of code]
       #end outer if
       [more code]

Terry Jan Reedy

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