allow line break at operators

rantingrick rantingrick at
Sat Aug 13 21:59:04 EDT 2011

On Aug 12, 7:39 pm, Seebs <usenet-nos... at> wrote:

> Consider the hypothetical array syntax:
>         a = [
>             1,
>             2
>         b = [
>             3,
>             4
> This *bugs* me.  It's perfectly legible, and if you define it that way, it's
> unambiguous and everything, but... It bugs me.  I want beginnings to have
> an actual corresponding end.

It "almost" seems as if you have a valid point here until you consider
that conditionals and blocks are ridged structures that must be
defined under a strict set of syntactical rules with keywords and
indentation. Whereas the list, dict, set, and tuple absolutely MUST
have an explicit beginning AND an explicit end due to their free-form
nature. You could create some strict rules for defining "X-literals"
and remove any need for start and end tags however i see no need to do

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