Data issues with Django and Apache

John Gordon gordon at
Sat Aug 13 22:20:30 EDT 2011

I'm devleoping a website using the Django framework along with Apache,
and I'm seeing some odd data issues.

During the course of navigating through the website content, a user
will cause the creation of some data records with a limited lifespan.
These data records have a create_dt field which is automatically set to
the time that they were created, and an expire_dt field which is equal
to create_dt plus ten minutes.

The problem is that I get conflicting results as to whether these temporary
records have reached their expiration date, depending if I search for them
via an Apache web call or if I do the search locally from a python shell.

And to make it weirder, the conflicts go away if I stop and restart the
Apache server, although any new records created after this point will still
exhibit the issue.

Are there any known "gotchas" when using Django with Apache?  It almost
seems like Apache is maintaining its own persistent session or something,
and restarting Apache causes the session to be flushed.

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