Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at
Sun Aug 14 09:50:54 EDT 2011

On 14-8-2011 15:23, Ronald Reynolds wrote:
> Dear Python Friends:
> in my python directory there is a python.exe file which I understand completely but there is also a pythonw.exe DOS seems to honor the pythonw
> command (No error message) but nothing happens. What is pythonw.exe?
> Also is there a way to invoke idle from the DOS prompt?  I tried idle  and  just idle. Is there any .exe for idle?
>                                     Sincerely, 'Ron "bumpker" Reynolds' 

pythonw.exe is the same as python.exe but it doesn't open a console window, and launches
python in the background. This allows you to easily run background programs or GUI
programs in a nicer way (without a dummy console window popping up).

Idle has no .exe as far as I know but you can start it like this:

	pythonw -m idlelib.idle

You could create an alias or batch file called 'idle' that does this.


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