allow line break at operators

Paul Woolcock pwoolcoc at
Mon Aug 15 05:07:30 EDT 2011

On Aug 14, 2011 3:24 PM, "Seebs" <usenet-nospam at> wrote:
> > I'm not impressed by arguments based on "but if I do something stupid,
> > select text with my eyes closed and reindent it without looking, I
> > the compiler to save my bacon". In my opinion, it's not the compiler's
> > to protect you from errors caused by sheer carelessness at the keyboard.
> I don't know about "sheer carelessness".  Typos happen.  Typos are not
> something you can prevent from happening just by wanting it very much.

If you have valid code caused by improper indentation, shouldn't that be
caught by a good set of unit tests?
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