Ten rules to becoming a Python community member.

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> >> On 14-8-2011 7:57, rantingrick wrote:
> >>> 8. Use "e.g." as many times as you can! (e.g. e.g.) If you use "e.g."
> >>> more than ten times in a single post, you will get an invite to
> >>> Guido's next birthday party; where you'll be forced to do shots whist
> >>> walking the balcony railing wearing wooden shoes!
> >>
> >> I lolled about this one, e.g. I laughed out loud. But where
> >> are the tulips and windmills for extra credit?
> >>
> >> Greetings from a Dutchman!
> No credit. E.g., i.e., exampla gratis, means, "for example."

The correct spelling is 'exempli gratia'. It's Latin.

i.e., on the other hand, comes from 'id est' ('that is'). Latin too.


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