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On 2011-08-15, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:
> Demand, no, but sometimes it's a good idea.  I've been writing computer 
> programs for close to 40 years, and I still have no clue what most of 
> the order of operations is.  It's just not worth investing the brain 
> cells to remember such trivia (especially since the details change from 
> language to language).  Beyond remembering the (apparently) universal 
> rule that {*, /} bind tighter than {+, -}, I pretty much just punt on 
> everything else and put in extra parens everywhere.
> It's not the most efficient way to write code, and probably doesn't even 
> result in the prettiest code.  But it sure does eliminate those 
> face-palm moments at the end of a long debugging session when you 
> realize that somebody got it wrong.

Wholehearted agreement.  It is conceivable for me to misremember precedence.
I am pretty reliable at recognizing which things are in which parens.

So I use them even in obvious cases:

	foo + (3 * 4)

Never regretted that.  Yes, it's extra typing, a little, but it prevents a
whole category of bugs.

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