Windows service in production?

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Aug 16 09:52:37 CEST 2011

On 16/08/2011 05:32, snorble wrote:
> Anyone know of a Python application running as a Windows service in
> production? I'm planning a network monitoring application that runs as
> a service and reports back to the central server. Sort of a heartbeat
> type agent to assist with "this server is down, go check on it" type
> situations.

Don't know what it'll take to inspire you with confidence, but I have
several Python services running here without a hitch.
The longest have been running for about three years -- not without
a stop, since they have to be restarted for reasons external to the
service itself.

There's no py2exe involved, just the pywin32 service wrappers. (The
apps in question are also set up to run standalone for testing etc.).
They're mostly around a helpdesk system: one app ingests email requests
to the helpdesk; another post-processes call changes, currently to
send out email alerts to interested parties; another triggers alarms
on calls for various purposes, etc.

I don't claim they're the most sophisticated pieces of code on Earth,
but it doesn't sound like you're after anything spectacular either.


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