Messed up Mac installation

Christopher Brewster cbrewster at
Tue Aug 16 06:03:51 EDT 2011

Are there instructions somewhere online as to how to sort out a messed
up installation of Python on a Mac?
I have a 2 month old Macbook running Snow Leopard, I installed Python
2.7.1 some time ago. Now when I run 'python' this is what it shows.
But easy_install and pip are installing modules to the python2.6
(which shipped with the OS). If I run 'python2.6' then I have access
to the modules installed with pip.

Oh and weirdly if I tell pip to uninstall modules it says the module
does not exist. For example: "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/
Versions/2.7/bin/pip run on Tue Aug 16 11:46:28 2011
Cannot uninstall requirement reportlab, not installed"

So why is it installing to one place (the 2.6 library) and trying to
uninstall elsewhere (the 2.7 library)?

I know this has been discussed many times but I do not know how to
track this down.
Thanks for any pointers.


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