Anyone here can do a comparation between Djang and RoR

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Tue Aug 16 17:02:51 EDT 2011

On Aug 16, 2:11 pm, Seebs <usenet-nos... at> wrote:
> On 2011-08-16, smith jack <thinke... at> wrote:
> > what is the advantage of Django over RoR:)
> This question is pretty much... I mean, you're not gonna get useful
> answers.  They're based on such different languages that I think any
> comparison past that is likely going to be uninteresting to a programmer,
> and I'm not sure any non-programmers are going to use either.
> I will say, the things I most value in Rails are pretty much contrary
> to conventional Python design philosophy.  Python's stress on explicit
> over implicit is probably in contradiction with the Rails philosophy of
> convention over configuration.
> So for instance, if all you want of a class that maps to a database table
> in Rails is that it map the fields in the database, the class body is
> empty because that's the default.  If you want to tell it that the database
> column foo_id represents the id of the foo object with which this record
> is associated, and you want to call that <item>.foo, you write:
>         belongs_to :foo
> and the rest is all implicit.
> This is really handy sometimes, but it's not very Pythonic...
> Mostly, I think you'd probably be better off asking in a completely
> different kind of forum, but even then, you're going to get mostly language
> advocacy.
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Seebs answer is spot on.
The advantages or disadvantages of both frameworks are subjective.
It all comes down to each person's language of preference, since each
framework reflects its language philosophy.

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