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> Well admittedly English isn't my native language, But indeed all
> sentences seem correct to me.
> With the first sentence meaning: in the past I wore wooden shoes, but
> presently I do not.
> With the second sentence meaning: in the past I was not used to (i.e.
> uncomfortable, hey bonus points!) wearing wooden shoes, but presently I
> am used to it (although not necessarily comfortable, but at least not
> uncomfortable).
> I actually can't figure out a way of saying those two sentences more
> concise or correct then it has been given.

If conciseness is all you seek then perhaps you prefer the following?

ORIGINAL: "I used to wear wooden shoes"
CONCISE:  "I wore wooden shoes"
          "I wore wood shoes"
          "I<<wood shoes"

ORIGINAL: "I have become used to wearing wooden shoes"
CONCISE:  "I like wearing wooden shoes"
          "I like wooden shoes"
          "I like wood shoes"
          "wood shoes: +1"

However as you can see much of the rich information is missing. Good
communication requires that we use clear and articulate words (and
phrases) that will re-create a similar thought (if not perfect clone
of!) in the mind of your listener[s].

Of course we should never seek to be overly elaborate and ornate in
our speech unless that is the point (As in "poetry, philosophy, and
music" which are elaborate and ornate for good reason!).

Likewise we should never seek to be overtly simplistic and dull with
our speech. (As in "txt speak" which is too simplistic and dull for
intelligent conversation but it has a niche appeal among the children
and idiots)

Think of speaking with articulation as an extension of your body image
GO==GI[1]: You put in too much effort and you become a disgustingly
self gratifying "gorilla" strutting on the stage of bombast-ity
flexing and posing whist your skin glistens from the oils of your own
mental masturbation. Likewise, if you put in too little effort you
become a disgustingly self gratifying couch potato consumed by
lethargy and atherosclerosis completely covered with the crumbs of
your own mental refuse.

It would be wise (my friend) to find a "happy medium".

[1] Garbage Out equals Garbage In(ternally)

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