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On 2011-08-16, Prasad, Ramit <ramit.prasad at> wrote:
>What exactly is the downside to indentation as flow control?

I think a lot of it is personal taste or differences in how peoples'
brains work.

I don't want "free form code", I don't want to write stuff that isn't
correctly indented.  I want a visual cue I can match up with the start
of a loop so I know for sure what I meant, and a way to recover code in
the event of Something Going Wrong.

>I am not sure why people are so stuck on braces. I figured other
>people would be like me and tired of having to do things like
>figuring out where I missed an end brace.

For me, if I've made an error of that category, the options are:
1.  In C, finding out where I missed an end brace, because the compiler
warned me, so I go look for an outdent without a brace.
2.  In Python, having no clue at all what's wrong or why the program
isn't running, and having no cue I can look to to see where the error

Basically, it's parity bits.  I love me some parity bits.  :)

I also recognize that this is a matter of taste; there are sound reasons
for other people to have different preferences.

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