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On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 6:02 PM, Tim Chase
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> On 08/16/2011 07:33 PM, John Gordon wrote:
>> I stand by my assertion that the phrase "I used to do X" carries the
>> meaning that you have done X in the past but DO NOT INTEND to do so
>> in the future.
> I'd tweak the meaning to be something like "I did X regularly in the past
> and I no longer do it regularly".  E.g. "I used to drink a lot of cranberry
> juice"[*] connotes that I drank it regularly, but no longer drink it
> regularly, even though I might still drink it occasionally.  But on the
> whole, I side with John far more than I side with RR on the issue.

There is a difference between "I used to drink cranberry juice" and "I
used to drink a lot of cranberry juice". The first says that you no
longer drink it at all, while the latter has quantified the statement
to say you may still drink it occasionally, but less than you used to.
The key is that "a lot" quantifies "drink" in the second statement.

> -tkc
> [*] seriously, in college I managed to put away over a gal/day. Ah, to be
> young again and have an unlimited cafeteria food-plan.
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