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On Aug 16, 7:33 pm, John Gordon <gor... at panix.com> wrote:
> In <ef0722a3-59ff-4fc3-87a9-e637ce9e2... at en1g2000vbb.googlegroups.com> rantingrick <rantingr... at gmail.com> writes:
> > > "wore" means you have worn them in the past.
> > > "used to wear" means you have worn them in the past AND don't intend
> > > to do so again.
> > Actually that assertion is wrong.
> > No one can predict the future. Not even YOU can predict whether or not
> Of course -- that's why the word "intend" was part of my answer.  Did you
> overlook that crucial word?
> I stand by my assertion that the phrase "I used to do X" carries the
> meaning that you have done X in the past but DO NOT INTEND to do so
> in the future.

Okay and i'm with you as long as you'll also agree that "i wore wooden
shoes" carries the meaning that i've worn shoes in the past but gives
no indication that i will wear shoes again. And if you agree with that
(which is a fact BTW) then you must also agree that "i used to wear
wear wooden shoes" also gives no guarantee that i won't wear them

This point i have been trying to make all along is: Speaking with this
verbiage leaves to much to be desired. To much meaning is specific
*only* to the sender and prone to cause subtle errors upon receiving
due to errors of the "lost-in-translation" kind. We must remove these
ambiguities from our speech and from our code if we ever expect to
evolve into a species capable of taking the next logical step in our
evolution. That step will require massive amounts of coherent and
articulate collaboration across many cultures. How do solve that
problem you ask? By removing all cultures and joining the culture of

We know that knowledge is being spread far and wide and to every
corner of this planet. No one will ever be robbed of an education
because all the knowledge is being cataloged in the world wide library
(WWW). A person living in a mud hut in Africa has the same access to
the knowledge base as a professor working at a prestigious college. No
more will the class structure be relevant because knowledge IS power.

The playing fields are beginning to be leveled and the world is on
course for a huge shake up soon. How soon this event will culminate
into reality is yet to be known however i can assure you people that
at our current rate, sadly it is going to be a very long time!

The transition is not evolving as fast as it should be because we
refuse to eradicate the enormous amounts of multiplicity that plague
our knowledge bases. Language is one of the top offenders, which
manifest itself over and over like a stupidity virus; and the worst
part is that it shows no readily perceivable symptoms to the zombie
masses! These "masses" of hosts continue on day after day infecting
new people with this disease of multi-language-ism and as such entropy
grows. Leaps are made but then setbacks are certain due to entropy. On
and on we continue to be slung back and forth due to this elastic
rubber band of stupidity.

Some folks get emotional when i speak of these things. They confuse
multiplicity with freedom. They fear the loss of their freedom to be
lazy, slothful, and stupid. Yes you have a right to be these things if
you want, but don't be expecting that your gene-pool will be part of
the future because you will be bred out of existence!

The future belongs to the intelligent agents capable of eradicating
multiplicity and harnessing what mother nature could never harness
with billions and billions of years built on innumerable random
guesses... the future belongs to those with an IMAGINATION!

An imagination is the most power tool we posses. With imagination we
can drive evolution. Without imagination nothing you see or know would
exist. We would be caught forever in the infinite loop of ape-ian
stupidity and left to wither as just a blip on the evolutionary

With our imagination we can not only harness our world but also our
universe (which is far more expansive than we have yet to realize). We
can even harness evolution itself! We can transcend the flesh, and
then, THEN... we shall take our rightful place as the gods! Maybe
there is even an evolution of the gods of which replacements are
created every trillion or so years. We are next in line to replace the
aging gods that now control the known universe.

To continue to deny that we are natures greatest creation would be
tantamount to bitch slapping our very own mothers. Instead we should
make her proud by being all that we can be and using our intelligence
to utterly destroy her and IN EFFECT become something greater in the
process than we ever where before. Progress "progresses" by the
prodigy standing on the shoulders of the creators to reach that "next"
higher cookie jar.

The future is not saving the whales or the dolphins, or the endangered
three toed alligator. Neither is the future "save the earth". The
future is transcendence from the flesh into a new state of being. No
form of matter how well we maintain this earth, one day the sun will
consume it. Likewise one day the sun be consumed. Do not put your
faiths and beliefs in matter, because matter is fluid -- here today
and changed tomorrow. Instead, put your faith in knowledge, order, and
finally the end goal of transcendence beyond the confines of flesh.

Recently I was an unwilling party to this completely ridiculous TV
show about how the human race would be an "X" number of years from now
-- through-out the show "X" was incremented. These idiots (calling
themselves scientist) imagined that we would still be flying space
ships as the last stars in the universe burned out. All the while i am
thinking to myself (and laughing) how completely moronic these guys

Newsflash! If we do not make the transcendence in the next 1000 years
we may never make it and therefor some other life form will have to
take a shot some time in the distant future. But i can tell you one
thing for sure. In 10,000 years we are NOT going to be flying around
in spaceships. We will have transcended the physical flesh and
harnessed pure energy which will in turn fuel our expanding singular
intelligence. At that time the currently known universe will become
the size of your backyard swimming pool.

Nature is random, but true evolution is the harnessing of evolution to
bring about order in the known universe. We were put into this
universe to bring about order from the chaos (something random guesses
can never accomplish) don't be an idiot and waste your life saving the
dolphins and recycling. Yes, be kind to other people (and lower
lifeforms), but realize that they are a means to an end.

Singularity is the end.

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