Wait for a keypress before continuing?

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Tue Aug 16 23:52:35 EDT 2011

Jerry Hill <malaclypse2 gmail.com> wrote: 

> John Doe <jdoe usenetlove.invalid> wrote: 

>> No. I am running this from within Windows, all sorts of 
>> Windows. 
> What does that mean?  

You snipped the context, Benny. 

> You seem very resistant to answering anyone's questions about 
> your code.  

No one else has had a problem with my code, Benny, and you have 
not questioned my code. I laid it out, they tried it, and now 
we're getting on with it. 

> Is your code run from the command line, or does it have a GUI?  

Using "does your code have a GUI" produces zero search results. 
Maybe that works better in some other language. 

> If it has a GUI, what windowing toolkit are you using?  

I guess the answer is Dragonfly. Or maybe it's Komodo (the IDE), 
as previously stated. I have never been interested in making 
Windows, just making Windows dance. I do macroing. 

> If you have code that's not working, please, show us a short, 
> run-able bit of sample code that demonstrates the problem you're 
> experiencing. 

Benny... Apparently you have missed at least two other replies 
that said they tried some of the code I provided and it worked 
fine for them. 

As already stated, a hook is probably required. It's not a big 
surprise to me, but it's a lot more work. And now I am in the 
process of getting it done. I expect the results to be very 
pleasant, though. I'm going to have a system that does 
voice-activated scripting combined with a systemwide hook, all in 
one package. If I can get the hook properly installed, it should 
rock, and I'm ready to tackle it.  

> Describe the behavior you see, the behavior you expected
> instead, and the full text of any traceback you may be getting.
> -- 
> Jerry

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