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On 2011-08-17, John Doe <jdoe at usenetlove.invalid> wrote:
> Context is lost when you quote only one level. 

Not significantly.

> I was not answering a question about my code. I was pointing out 
> the fact that my questioner's terminology is strange/corrupt. 

Well, that's the thing.  There was a question there, with perfectly valid

>> If you do, it suggests that perhaps one or more of the terms are
>> unfamiliar to you? 

> Yes, even the common term "command line" is foreign to me. I do 
> some powerful stuff in Windows, without need for a command line. 

So apparently you *do* know the term.  Normally, to say that a term is
foreign to you is to say that you have no idea what it means, not that
you know what it means but don't use it.

> I realize it exists and that some people live by it, but it has 
> been nearly useless to me. 

In which case, you're not using a command line, and are using a GUI, and
the other poster's question is answered.

The Google results you cite to are uninteresting and frankly irrelevant.
If someone asks me whether the ornamental fish in my 55-gallon tank is a
koi, that Google has no hits for "ornamental fish in your 55-gallon tank is a
koi" does not mean that the terminology is "strange" or "corrupt".

The terminology was fine.

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