Wait for a keypress before continuing?

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Seebs <usenet-nospam seebs.net> wrote: 

> John Doe <jdoe usenetlove.invalid> wrote: 

>> Context is lost when you quote only one level. 
> Not significantly. 

Whatever you say, Jeebs. 

>> I was not answering a question about my code. I was pointing 
>> out the fact that my questioner's terminology is 
>> strange/corrupt. 
> Well, that's the thing.  There was a question there, with 
> perfectly valid terminology. 

And I respect your opinion, Jeebs. 

>>> If you do, it suggests that perhaps one or more of the terms 
>>> are unfamiliar to you? 
>> Yes, even the common term "command line" is foreign to me. I do
>> some powerful stuff in Windows, without need for a command 
>> line. 
> So apparently you *do* know the term.  

Not very well, obviously. 

> Normally, to say that a term is foreign to you is to say that 
> you have no idea what it means, 

Sounds like being a lexicographer is a fantasy of yours, Jeebs. 

> not that you know what it means but don't use it. 

But in fact I do not have a clear understanding of what it means, 
Jeebs, but I know that it's a common term. 

You are not a lexicographer, dude. 

>> I realize it exists and that some people live by it, but it has
>> been nearly useless to me. 
> In which case, you're not using a command line, and are using a 
> GUI, and the other poster's question is answered. 

That might have been clear to most normal people in my first reply
to the first follow-up. 

"I am using Windows XP SP3. Komodo Edit 6 for editing the *.py 
file. Dragon Naturally Speaking, Natlink, and Dragonfly might all 
be part of the process." 

The answer was pointless by the time the question was asked 
straightforward. Thanks to the prior replies, by then I had 
already figured out that I need a keyboard hook. The answer 
doesn't matter anymore. 

> The Google results you cite to are uninteresting and frankly 
> irrelevant. 

You have every right to an opinion, Fuckturd. 

> If someone asks me whether the ornamental fish in my 55-gallon 
> tank is a koi, that Google has no hits for "ornamental fish in 
> your 55-gallon tank is a koi" does not mean that the terminology
> is "strange" or "corrupt". 

No wonder you don't quote relevant material, Jeebs. If anybody 
knew what you were comparing that expression to, you would look 

> The terminology was fine. 

Are you a master of terminology on wikishit, Jeebs? I think 
wikishit sucks. Wannabe lexicographers like you might be a reason. 
I've dealt with some real lexicographers, Jeebs, you aren't one.  

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