Wait for a keypress before continuing?

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> John Doe <jdoe usenetlove.invalid> wrote: 

>> Using "does your code have a GUI" produces zero search results.
>> Maybe that works better in some other language. 
> You shouldn't need a search engine to answer a question about 
> your code. 

Context is lost when you quote only one level. 

I was not answering a question about my code. I was pointing out 
the fact that my questioner's terminology is strange/corrupt. 

> If you do, it suggests that perhaps one or more of the terms are
> unfamiliar to you? 

Yes, even the common term "command line" is foreign to me. I do 
some powerful stuff in Windows, without need for a command line. 
I realize it exists and that some people live by it, but it has 
been nearly useless to me. 

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